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Just letting you fans know, that I have made a MKR Kink meme. Instructions and Rules are in the link below. 

Now It doesn't have to be a Kink request, it can also be a fluff or any other situation, with any pairing that you like. 

Please pimp this out if you know fans who would be interested. 

Thank you. 

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Title: Dance Baby Dance!
Rated: PG-13
Pairing: FuuxFerio

Fuu tip toed down the hall she wouldn’t normally tip toe down the hall in the middle of the afternoon but, she was on a mission. She could hear the rock music coming from Ferio’s room, she had brought a couple of CD’s and a CD player from home for Ferio to barrow.
The blonde girl had a devilish grin as she wrapped her slender fingers around the door that was slightly ajar. She pulled the door open towards her just enough that she could peer into her messy haired boy’s room...
There Ferio was dancing in his royal boxers! She tried to hold her breath and keep her burst of laughter as Ferio rocked out in front of his mirror. She laughed so hard she fell into the room and found herself crashing to the floor beneath Ferio.
Ferio blushed, “Fuu-chan!”
He blushed so hard Fuu cracked up again, “you should dance like that for me,” she giggled.
Ferio still blushing finally looked down and his girlfriend cracking up on the floor. “You might as well do something since you’re down there,” he said with a grin.
Fuu laughed harder, “you should just take off those cute frog boxers off and dance then, if you expect anything to happen.”
Ferio raised an eyebrow “oh ok I can do that,” he dropped his boxers and Fuu burst out laughing just as Clef happened by.
“Good GOD!” Clef exclaimed.
Ferio blushed more than just moments ago and snatched up his boxers.
“Must you do this with the door open?” Clef exclaimed.
Fuu kicked the door close and continued laughing. “Now where were we?”
Ferio laughed and Fuu snatched his boxers back.
“Dance baby, dance!” Fuu said as she laughed again.
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Decided to say if it was old or new since I'll have some drabble or two coming up within a week or so. I cant promise in a day or two since I am supposed to be working on my Roxas coplay. Anyways... here goes!

FANDOM: Magic Knight Rayearth
Status: Old
Title: A Parting Eternal
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG
Pairing: Clef/Umi
Summary: Clef deals with the passing of someone important to him.

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As the World Falls Down

I've been absent from the Rayearth fandom for some time and recently had the writing bug bite me again, though first I wanted some newer imput to a few older stories. These are hosted on but I was thinking of extending them from their current form. Added chapters and the like. ^.^ Maybe some of you have read my other stories (unfinished, lol sorry) like Love Story?

It really is great to be back. I've missed the fandom so much.
Be warned that I am a big fan of Clef/Umi but I do have a work on my drive of Fuu/Ferio (Nothing Special) that has never been released.

Lots of love,

Title: As the World Falls Down
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Pairing: Clef/Umi
Summary: For those of you who are fans of Labyrinth and Rayearth a mini crossover where Clef portrays David Bowie (as King of the Goblins) and Umi (Sarah).

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This Comm Needs Love and Milieva!fics

Because Miss Fuu asked oh so nicely, I thought I might join your little community. ^.^ Maybe with luck we can drag a few more folks over here to "the darkside".

As my fist post, I thought I would plug my clean!fic. The only one of its kind to be finished in recent years. If anyone recalls, the last one I wrote that falls into this catagory, was written nearly four years ago and was a song!fic. Blah! No matter how much I am embarrassed of my work, I refuse to remove any of it from FFN. Because, they are still my babies, no matter how crappy they are. ^.^

So with no further delay, here is my fic.

Title: A Spring Holiday
Rating: PG (yeah, you read it right)
Summary: Umi gets Clef to go with her to her beach house over spring break.
Warnings: A Clean Milieva fic, need I say more?

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